Meet the Womb-mates …


Stacey Fearheiley was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She is what they called in the 20th century a “movie buff”.  Growing up watching old movies with her dad, she loves nothing more than lounging on the couch with some wine and snarky friends and viewing films of the past.  Although a fan, she understands that while context is important, it doesn’t always excuse what society considers “entertainment”…no matter what the year.  She and “womb-mate” Eric have a partnership based on true affinity for the art form, but awareness of the flaws.

Favorite films include The Awful Truth, It Happened One Night, The G-String Murders (Google ‘em) and the Star Wars films (but really just IV through VII).  And there are lots in between those genres and years that she’s all about dissecting to the bones.

Personally, she’s former on-air radio talent and current actress, writer and director of theatre stuff as well as mom to two girls, who are looking to be as “opinionated” as she. For more, check out her website.

Eric Peterson grew up all over the world in a US Navy family, and initially dreamed of a career in the theatre as an actor, director, and writer. However, a job that required him to constantly look for the next job ultimately didn't appeal to him, so after getting his B.A. in Theatre, he started a new career as an educator and consultant in the field of Diversity & Inclusion. But he never stopped loving the stage, or the big screen. Or the small screen, for that matter.

Favorite films include The Women (1939), All About Eve, Auntie Mame, Postcards from the Edge, The Skeleton Twins (wow, this list is gayer than even he expected), and the Harry Potter movies (yes, he’s read the books and agrees that they’re better, but he loves the movies too).

Eric lives in Washington DC with a cockapoo named Margo (see All About Eve, above). In addition to podcasting, he’s a regular contributor to “Letters from CAMP” (a newspaper for the LGBTQ and allied communities in Rehoboth Beach, DE), and is working on his first novel.

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Stacey and Eric met when they were cast as twin sister & brother in a play in 1992. They got along so well and so immediately that their cast-mates began to refer to them as the "womb-mates," an homage to the relationship of their characters. In 2016, Stacey informed Eric that she was formulating a New Years' resolution, and that Eric was going to play a big part in it -- and in 2017, they launched POPeration!, their first podcast. They learned a lot, and in 2019, decided to put their knowledge to use on a new and improved show. Welcome to The Rewind Project!